Australian Machine Quilt Festival – My Wrap Up

Here is a bit of a summary with photos about this fabulous Bi Annual AMQ Festival that is held in Adelaide. I just love it and think it is my most favourite show.  To start things off much to my surprise my precious longarm quilting machine and computer headed off to Adelaide as the Gammil classroom machine.  Here it is all set up and ready go.  The international teacher Karen Farnsworth was the main user.

IMG_3691 IMG_3693

Well let me say l was on a run everyday and here goes:

Wednesday l helped with quilt judging and it was a most interesting day and l learnt quite a lot from the international judges.  One thing that was evident the standard was high and the judges were very complimentary of the standard of Aussie work – Yay!!!  One thing that they felt could be improved was the binding in that some wobbled a bit, weren’t always full and mitre corners on the top needed a minimum of 3 stitches.  I need to remember this for future entries. Here are the judges, judging and enjoying the scones jam and cream!  Also the days program being spelt out for the volunteers

IMG_3655 the rules IMG_3649

Thursday was my quietest day starting off with my first class Machine Quilting with Rulers on a Domestic Machine in the afternoon.  The class was full and while we started off with a few hiccups in terms of the machines overall the class was good but oh my l needed to be on the ball.  Thanks to the participants they were all great under trying circumstances but we all got there.


Cocktail party while l don’t normally attend these things who could miss Claudia speaking about her journey.  It was interesting and entertaining and language was no barrier! Claudia in full flight with Tracey Browning taking a good look!!!!



The day started early and l managed to take a demo Fill the Grid class with Claudia Pfeil an while l have taken a class with Claudia before and l have 2 of her DVD’s she is an entertainer and I love her design process and quilting.


I then followed Claudia’s class with a demo class with Sue Patten and again l have previously taken a class with Sue and I could not resist the opportunity to participate in a class as she is a such a fabulous and likeable teacher. In this class we learnt all about layering and couching on a long arm it was a great class and l never thought of doing this on a longarm but sticking to my domestic only!!  Sue  in  action and l couldn’t help but post this photo for my Mum as she loved taking classes with Sue when she was 80years of age in Houston and l thought she would like it – which she did!

SueSue and Lee

Can you believe it time for another demo class with Claudia this time it was Paisley Parade again I learnt a lot and enjoyed the class.  Some pretty amazing quilting here!!!


Time for my first Zentangle the Beginning class. We all had fun and participants produce some great tiles and saw the link to their quilting. Some participants were shy though and never wanted their photos taken nevertheless they produced some pretty terrific tiles!!


Then off to teach another class and while the numbers in this class were low there was lots of learning trying to work out and stitch the direction. This class involved using just one ruler on a domestic machine and working out the quilting path over a large area.


Do you think l might have been exhausted by the end of the day!!!!!

Saturday saw an early start and my next class Zentangle Beyond the Basis.  This was a very informative class and lots of information shared.  I don’t think l have any photos for this one.

I then raced off to take a class with Bethane Nemesh, Sampler Quilt Smackdown and l loved it such a strong business focus and it was just what l needed in terms of being a professional quitter. I am in no doubt l will apply some of Bethane’s business principles.  Unfortunately l never got a good photo of Bethane!!


That saw me done for classes for the day so off to the vendor mall for a few hours and a time for a catch up with quite a few.

Sunday was a full day of teaching classes starting with creating a small fun art quilt.  All l can say is the participants were great and keen to learn and while the project was not quite finished they were well and truly on their way.  I also think the ladies learnt lots of new things and the feedback was great.

IMG_3721 IMG_3728

After a quick bit to eat l was off to teach my last class Maximising Decorative Stitches for the Quilting Process. Another great class with lots of participants working on Bernina machines.  They all learnt heaps particularly how to use a cording and couching foot.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and again the feedback was very positive.

IMG_3745 IMG_3742dec Stitches

Well that is it for this festival  and my machine is home again safe and sound and l had a great time but came home very tired but very pleased with my classes and the great participants.  I also received very positive feedback and enjoyed meeting a whole lot of new quilting ladies.  Thanks so much to Tracey Browning for such a great festival and all of her hard work and thanks to the AMQA Inc for the quilt show and all their effort.

My machine being reassembled in its home! IMG_3752





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  1. WOW, busy, busy, busy. Great to be both teacher and student. I hope you found time to catch your breath.

    I have to agree with the judges from what we saw on Saturday the quilts were of a very high standard this festival. Some very clever quilters in our midst.

    • Yes l was Chris but l thoroughly enjoyed it and weren’t the quilts amazing. I will try and put a video together of the quilts over the next few days as it will take me that long to sort my photos out as l just ran around snapping and unfortunately l have no idea of whose quilts they are!!!

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