Australian Machine Quilt Festival – My Wrap Up - Here is a bit of a summary with photos about this fabulous Bi Annual AMQ Festival that is held in Adelaide. I just love it and think it is my most favourite show.  To start things off much to my surprise my precious longarm quilting machine and computer headed off to Adelaide as the Gammil classroom… Continue Reading
My SAQA Entry for the Benefit Auction - Follow the link to my entry which has been kindly posted on my behalf Continue Reading
Judging Day AMQF - Here we are at Judging Day with judges deep in discussion! It was a really interesting day where l learnt a lot not only about overall judging of quilts but how to use instagram!!!  I think l now get how to use instragram so here goes I will give it ago!  Thanks Raylene and Lyn I… Continue Reading
What should l do? - Well l have some spare time as we burn the rubber to Adelaide for AMQF starting in a couple of days.  As such l have had a bit of time to look at some quilt patterns so that l can hand sew my next quilt.  Am l mad or not?   The 2nd of the… Continue Reading
What’s new at Threads and Tangles - Well here I am with my very first blog post! After lots of work being done behind the scenes which includes a whole lot of learning while trying to understand a language that does not intuitively make much sense to me I am now ready to publish my first blog post.  In reality though I am not quite sure that… Continue Reading