About Me

About Me


Holding qualifications in nursing, business management and corporate governance and after many years working as a Health Administrator I retired from full time work in 2011 to focus my endeavours into the creative world of art.

In this regard my initial pathway was through my sewing experience as a result of costume design and creation for my two daughters who were very active dancers.  One daughter went on to become a professional ballerina the other a milliner.

Although I took a break from sewing given my hectic pace of life to include work and my enjoyment of bush walking the creative bite again took hold.  In 2005 while still working full time in country Victoria I took a patchwork class and became immediately enthused.  My learning in this regard continued over a 4-year period while still working full time.

With my new-found enthusiasm, my knowledge rapidly growing and having a clear goal of establishing a small business that was creative, characteristic and of a contemporary nature I retired from full time work and in November 2011 and “Threads and Tangles” was formed.  The key intent was to promote excellence in teaching and the provision of a productive long arm quilting service.

To this date Threads and Tangles remains a viable small business.  My work has been published in a number of magazines and books.  I have presented at a number of quilt groups to include Trunk Shows and I have taught locally, nationally and internationally.  I have also published two online Zentangle Classes which have been well sought after.

In summary I am a teacher and an award-winning patchwork and longarm quilter.

Relevant Teaching Qualifications:

  • Certificate 1V in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Certificate of Assessor/Preceptor Training
  • Certified Zentangle Teacher – Zentangle
  • Jenny Haskins Accredited Tutor – Machine Embroidery
  • Victorian Quilters Inc Teacher Accreditation with Specialist Techniques 


  • Victorian Quilters Inc
  • Westernport Quilters Inc
  • Studio Art Quilt Associates Inc 


I commenced entering Juried Festivals and Shows pertaining to Patchwork and Quilting to include Art Quilts in 2010 and while my entries over the journey are not prolific the following awards have been attained:

Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2010, Adelaide, Australia

  • 3rd Place, Art / Pictorial – Mother and Daughter

Royal Melbourne Show 2011, Melbourne, Australia

  • 1st Place, Art Quilt – Butterflies in the Bush

Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2012, Adelaide, Australia

  • 2nd Place, Machine Embroidery – Paradox

Victorian Quilters Inc 2013

  • Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting Professionals – Paradox

Victorian Quilters Inc 2014

  • Runner Up, Innovative Quilt – Deco 

MQX Festival New England (USA) 2014

  • Faculty Award – Deco

Australian Machine Quilting Festival 2014, Adelaide, Australia

  • 3rd Place, Machine Embroidery – Sapphire

Victorian Quilters Inc 2015

  • 1st Place, Modern Quilt – Simply
  • President’s Award – Simply
  • Runner Up, Innovative Quilt – Sapphire

Victorian Quilters Inc 2016

  • Highly Commended, Art Quilt – Wool on the Catwalk 

Victorian Quilters Inc 2017

  • Highly Commended, Modern Quilts – Ferris Wheel 


Westernport Quilters Inc 2014 – Guess the Movie (A4 size Art Quilt)

  • Views Choice – Madagascar

Westernport Quilters Inc 2016 – Guess the Book (A4 size Art Quilt)

  • Viewer’s Choice – Pelican Brief

Victorian Quilters Inc 2017 – 2 Colours Challenge (Art Quilt)

  • Highly Commended – Meerkats 

Exhibits: (some travelling for 12-month period) 

The Thread Studio, Pick a Pocket Exhibition 2011

  • Forget Me Knots and Bits and Pieces – Textile Art Works

Victorian Quilters Inc Travelling Suitcase Exhibitions 2013, 2015, 2017

  • Look at Me, Budgies in the Eucalypts and Meerkats – Art Quilts

Quilters Guild South Australia Inc, Dare to Differ 2017

  • Flowers in my Garden – Art Quilt

Australian Quilt Convention 2018, MiM Arts Group

  • Concatenate – 4 Art Quilts

Australian Quilt Convention 2019, Mini Self Portrait Challenge

  • 2 x Self Portraits

Benefit and Spotlight Auctions as with Trunk Shows:  

Studio Art Quilts Associates Inc 2016, 2017, 2018 , six art quilts size specific and based on your own theme and technique have been submitted, presented in the relevant format and subsequently sold.