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About Me - Threads and Tangles
About Me

About Me


Holding qualifications in nursing, business management and corporate governance and after many years working as a Health Administrator I retired from full time work in 2011 to focus my endeavours into the creative world of art.

In this regard my initial pathway was through my sewing experience as a result of costume design and creation for my two daughters who were very active dancers.  One daughter went on to become a professional ballerina the other a milliner.

Although I took a break from sewing given my hectic pace of life to include work and my enjoyment of bush walking the creative bite again took hold.  In 2005 while still working full time in country Victoria I took a patchwork class and became immediately enthused.  My learning in this regard continued over a 4-year period while still working full time.

With my new-found enthusiasm, my knowledge rapidly growing and having a clear goal of establishing a small business that was creative, characteristic and of a contemporary nature I retired from full time work and in November 2011 and “Threads and Tangles” was formed.  The key intent was to promote excellence in teaching and the provision of a productive long arm quilting service.

To this date Threads and Tangles remains a viable small business (albeit for current COVID situation).  My work has been shown and published in a number of magazines and books.  I have presented at a number of quilt groups to include Trunk Shows and I have taught locally, nationally and internationally.  I have also published two online Zentangle Classes which have been well sought after.

In summarising I am a artist, teacher, quilt judge, mentor and longarm quilter located in Central Victoria, Australia working in a perfect environment and roomy purpose-built studio.  Over recent years I have developed a more expressive approach to my work which has led me into the realm of portraiture and working with paper.

The essential components of this work involves drawing, shaping and layering primarily with fabric, fibres and stitch. The use of mixed media often supports that process.

Regardless of the medium used my desire is to create an expressive mood or feeling in response to change while continuing to expand my understanding of the impact of change on an individual or in a social context.