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Quilting Service
Machine Quilting Service

Machine Quilting Service

 Quilting Service Available:

All quilting is undertaken via a Gammill Computersied Longarm Quilting Machine.

Services Offered:

  • All Over (Pantograph / Edge to Edge)
  • Custom
  • Trapunto
  • Modern Quilting


Have you got those finished UFO’s that are just sitting around waiting to be quilted? Do you think that you cant afford for them to be professionally quilted? Well I have a discount for you! Contact me directly at info@threadsandtangles.com.au or (+61) 0429024299 so we can arrange for your quilts to be quilted promptly with an immediate 20% discount for all three quilts.

Of note:

Turn Around Times:

Generally 2 – 4 weeks for an all over (Pantograph / Edge to Edge) and a minimum of 6 weeks for a custom service.

Email and Postage:

I have considerable experience arranging quilting projects while using email and the postal service and never meeting the customer in person.  In this regard I normally have the initial discussion with the customer by telephone or email and if required I send examples of pictures, patterns and fabric for your consideration via email.  Once this has been determined and once I receive the tops usually via the postage service I review the quilts and then provide a formal quote.  Once agreed the completion date is advised and we progress from there.

Quilt Preparation:

The backing fabric and the batting (if provided) should be at least 4” larger than the quilt top on all four sides.

The backing needs to sit flat and square. If needing to join the backing it is suggested that the selvage edges along seams be removed.

For good colour balance it is suggested that the backing fabric blend with the top.

Threads used for quilting are normally the same for top and the bottom. Variegated threads are often used.

If you are providing your own batting please ensure that there are no bulky seams. It is suggested that the edges needing joining be abutted and zig zagged together or that a batting tape is utilised.

Please trim all threads on the back of your quilt top as these can show through when quilted.

It is also suggested that the quilt top and backing be ironed and gently folded prior to arrival for quilting to avoid additional costs associated with pressing.

Cost Calculation:

Quilting costs are calculated on a pre determined fee per square foot of the quilt top measurements.  The calculation includes measuring the quilt length x the quilt width then dividing by 144 to give the square foot measurement.

Depending on the size of the quilt a small loading fee may be applied.

Costs for batting are based on the same measurements as the quilt top.  A varied range of battings are available.


If you wish your quilt to be professionally quilted or just seek an initial quote please do not hesitate to contact me in any of the following ways: telephone 0429024299 or email info@threadsandtangles.com.au  

However you may wish to estimate your possible cost for the quilting only (batting a separate cost) by using the above cost calculation formula and the following rates as at January 2016.

Medium to Large Stipple Per square foot 3.50
E2E / Pantograph Per square foot 4.50
E2E / Pantograph with some custom Per square foot 4.50 – 5.50
Custom (Note the price will vary based on the level of complexity sought) Per square foot 7.50 – 12.50
Quilt Basting Only Per square foot 2.50
Loading a Large Quilt Joining a BackingMinimum Charge Per Quilt