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Zentangle is Spoken Here - Threads and Tangles
Zentangle is Spoken Here

Zentangle is Spoken Here

Step out of your comfort zone and learn all about Zentangle® an addictive repetitive art form that focuses on fun and relaxation while you draw and create pleasing images using repetitive patterns.

Zentangle in its original form is a paper and pen based art form and is easy to learn and is based on a teaching method that has been developed and promoted by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Further information in this regard can be found at: www.zentangle.com

As the Zentangle addiction takes hold it continues to be translated into other art forms known as Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA).  Some examples of  ZIA projects include Free Motion Quilting, Textile Art and other Mixed Media.

As a Certified Zentangle Teacher I have promoted and taught Zentangle in a variety formats and settings to include small to large groups patchwork and quilting groups, shops, patchwork and quilting festivals and shows, guilds, neighbourhood centres and the like.  Also as a semi retired health professional one area that gives me great pleasure is supporting aged care residents in care with drawing a Zentangle (Tangle) patterns.  It is just amazing to see such unexpected positive and joyful outcomes.

Here is some feedback from a day of Basic Zentangle Classes November 2014:

What aspects did you enjoy?

  • Drawing the tangles, learning about the shading
  • Learning different techniques and using the blending tool
  • Was totally new to me and I enjoyed every aspect of Zentangling – even the history of its birth
  • All of the workshop
  • Learning to shade
  • Well organised and presented workshop in a comfortable environment.  Good easy to follow directions

Do you have any suggestions to improve this workshop?

  • Disappointed when time came to an end – time just flew
  • Would have liked a few more tangles to practise
  • More time
  • Maybe have a handout of the basic tangles.  Allow a bit more time to draw the tangles – could reduce the show ‘n’ tell time even though it was very inspiring

Other comments

  • Looking forward to the advanced class
  • I found this workshop so inspiring – I see patterns in everything I see.  Calming and cheaper than therapy
  • Would love a weekly class

For upcoming Zentangle classes refer to tabs in the left hand margin – CLASSES where all relevant class dates, venue and booking details can be found. If however CLASSES are not listed that may suit you please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email info@threadsandtangles.com.au or 0429024299 so we can arrange a class that may be suitable to you or your group.

Other relevant information can be found in the upper tab – CLASS OVERVIEW.