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Well here I am with my very first blog post!

After lots of work being done behind the scenes which includes a whole lot of learning while trying to understand a language that does not intuitively make much sense to me I am now ready to publish my first blog post.  In reality though I am not quite sure that the learning has finished as one must push on and keep learning if you wish to keep up with the times.

Here is a taste:  

Well I have had my first venture into a number of systems that I never thought I would in reality ever do as while l love this ICT stuff I hate the behind the scenes stuff and have always left that or delegated that to the techy types.  Given I can no longer do that and need to do much of this myself I have made 3 videos over the past few days to include advertising my Machine Quilting Service, Zentangle and Classes and I have managed to upload some videos to my website via Youtube. I think my approach to this has been productive as such I am just wondering what you may think? It would be great if you write a comment!

Of course this blog post as with the Youtubes is just a couple of aspects I have learnt and I have quite a bit more to go but in doing so I must shout out to Christine of Gecko Gully whom builds websites etc as she has helped me get going again.  Thanks Christine  http://geckogullywebsites.com/

Machine Quilting:

Also have you seen the wonderful quilt that my friend and customer Moria Carvalho has made.  She has circulated via FB today a photo of her quilt as advertised in this months publication of the British Magazine Love Patchwork & Quilting.  Doesn’t her quilt look just fabulous.  Moira has such talent and has such a way of designing quilts and mixing her colours so well.

If I do say myself I also think on this occasion my quilting has been shown up exceptionally well.  I used an E2E pattern by Beany Girl Quilts called Curls and doesn’t it show the quilt off without taking anything away from the quilt design and colour.  I think I will use this pattern again sometime soon.

Moiras Quilt

Australian Machine Quilters Festival:

In saying that I will use the pattern again sometime soon I am actually getting ready to head off to the Australian Machine Quilters Festival in Adelaide next week so I am not sure that I will get any quilting done for the next 14 days or so.

Can you also believe it I have learnt more ICT stuff this time it is how to use an App called “Whova” an event App.  It is pretty clever in that I can stay up to date with “things” at the Australian Machine Quilters Festival to include messaging.  As such I have received some messages, scanned in my business card and interestingly I do believe I received one more booking for one of my classes since the App was circulated.  How cool is that!

Who is going to the Festival and is anyone registered for one of my classes?   As note I have also entered a few quilts in the Quilt Show and will be helping out on judging day. I am not sure how my quilts will go this time round as I have been somewhat time poor this year given lots of teaching particularly the opportunity to teach overseas and the quilts have been coming in which l love.

Here is the link to the festival if you wish to view the classes and more. http://www.amqfestival.com.au/

Well l think that is about it for this post so until next time.




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