What should l do?

Well l have some spare time as we burn the rubber to Adelaide for AMQF starting in a couple of days.  As such l have had a bit of time to look at some quilt patterns so that l can hand sew my next quilt.  Am l mad or not?  image

The 2nd of the Farmers Wife Quilts

What is also good is that l have worked out how to use the iPhone to do this blog post and l am pretty pleased about that!


The Square Dance


The Picinic Setting  Quilt

I would love it if you could tell me which one you like and whether you have ever made a hand sewn quilt before?

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  1. I like the picnic setting one. I am mad for stars. I made s hand sewn quilt for my second ever quilt. Good thing was I could take it everywhere I went and stitch at my own pace. Bad thing was it took me ages to do.


    • Yes Liz l must admit l like the stars also and there is a bit of space for quilting if and when l ever get to that stage!!!

  2. Oh I love the square dance scenario, think of all the quilting options in the blank spaces. I am working on a hand pieced quilt but I always have others of more importance, but I love the fact it is there and ready for Drs waiting rooms or when I just want quiet time. Looking forward to seeing what you decide Lee.

    • Ah lots of quilting space in this one more than the stars. Just wondering what colours l have in my stash while noting that I actually like the strong colours of this one. Will post when l decide that wont be until l get back home!

    • That’s 2 for square dance but you know what while l don’t like the colour range for the Farmers wife it has a good lot of quilting space which l actually like.

  3. Your not crazy, I’m doing a hand pieced and hand quilted project and I am loving the time I put in.
    I like the first one best it will show up your hand quilting better.
    Good luck

    • Great l am glad to hear it Noleen. What are you doing? Yes l agree I think the quilting will show up better with the Farmers wife. Oh which one will l go with????

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